Spring West Coast Tour!

April west coast tour, yeah!

7- San Diego @ the Park Gallery w/ Just Another Snake Cult, Anthrot, and Sleep walk

8- Santa Barbara @ Biko Garage w/ Bad Braids, Each Piece, and the Black Magic Family Band

9-day off

10- Santa Cruz @ SubRosa w/Pale Robin & Gem Brokers

11- Oakland @ The Lighthouse w/ Upside Drown, Bad Braids, the Black Magic Family Band

12- Ashland bro down, part 1
13- Ashland brodown part 2 (no show, find us on the street)

14- Portland pt. 1 @ 540 NE Tillamook w/ Pale Robin and Slow Teeth

15- Bellingham @ Yellingham festival w/Pale Robin (morning show)

16- Seattle @ Second Breakfast house w/Pale Robin, Nettle Honey

17- Olympia @ Footstreet House w/Pale Robin, Chains (members of Hail Seizures)

18- Eugene @ Campbell Club w/Pale Robin, TBA

19- Arcata @ the Facement w/Pale Robin

20- Ukiah @ The Spring House at 304 N. Spring St w/ Pale Robin

21- Santa Rosa @ Casavoltron at 136 Ridgeway Ave w/ Pale Robin


About Matador

Not your average folk music, Matador can go from harmonic melodies to hard hitting rhythms in a moment’s notice. Dorota, Mathew, and Allen fuse together their musical expressions and their view of the world to create haunting songs of longing and wonder.

Matador’s music is pushed forward by the driving rhythms of Mathew’s guitar, while Dorota’s violin pulls the listener into another world. The instruments are overlaid by Mathew and Dorota’s harmonic vocals, singing lyrics that paint pictures of the interplay between humans and nature. In 2012, Matador gained expressive rhythmic accompaniment by adding Allen to the lineup.

Their songs are dynamic, full of changing tempos and moods that can switch from comfortably mellow to gut-wrenchingly intense in a heartbeat. Combining their musical experiences with flashes of Polish and American folk music, their songs are inspired by the interplay between creation and destruction.